Amendment DBSC Coastal Races Saturday 11th May and 7th September

Coastal Race will be run for all Red and Blue fleet boats 

Starts and finishes will be at Committee Vessel McLir. This amends Blue and Red fleet schedules for these dates.

Please note, on the 11thMay the Red Bull diving competitions will be taking place in the Harbour near the East Pier and the National Yacht Club, as per Notice to Mariners (Harbour) No. 6. See DBSC Website www.dbsc. Please keep well clear.

The J109 Championships are also being hosted by the National Yacht Club on the 11thMay, J109s will be joining the Coastal race on the Saturday, with 3 Windward Leeward races on the Sunday.

Starting sequence for Coastal Race will be as follows:

 Class Warning Signal
Cruisers 0/112:45
Cruisers 212:55
Cruisers 313.00
Cruisers 513:10

Courses will be announced on Channel 74, and signalled on the sides of the Committee Vessel.

Courses will be as per attached special Course Card: Coastal Races 2019.

Additional marks positions are shown on 2ndattachment.

As courses and starting schedules may be changed at the discretion of the Race Officer, boats should maintain a listening watch on Channel 74 and observe signals at the Committee Vessel McLir. Failure to receive such transmissions/signals shall not constitute grounds for redress.

Courses may be shortened by a committee vessel or Rib taking up position at one of the marks of the course or on a line between them and displaying Flag S.

Coordinates of navigation marks are asfollows:

Bray O/ fall53°13.25n           006° 04.49w
East Kish53° 14.34n          0050 53.58w
Shanganagh O/fall530 14. 90n        0060 05.06w
Muglins53° 16.53n          006°04.57 w
North Kish530  18.55n         0050 56.43w
Sth. Burford53018.042n         006o 01.28w

Chris Moore

Hon. Secretary

Dublin Bay Sailing Club