Summary of DBSC Membership Survey

First I hope that you and your family and safe and well.

Following the government announcement on Friday the 1st of May, we are encouraged, but need to wait for formal guidance from Irish Sailing. 

Thank you to all our members who completed the survey.  There has been a huge response rate of over half the membership. 

Also we would like to thank water front clubs with whom we have been working very closely, for supporting and sharing access to the survey. 

We have summarised the responses below.

Intentions to race this Season

This question was posed a number of times, albeit with a different perspective. Of particular note is the response to the question “Having spent time thinking about this and looking at some of the options DBSC is thinking about how likely are you now to join this season”. 75% of responses were either likely or very likely to join. There is also considerable support for entering regardless of the start date of the season.

What facilities are needed to race

There is a need for changing rooms etc. to be addressed especially for dinghy and smaller keelboat classes, whilst access to food and bar was considered a nice to have, this was not deemed a deterrent to racing.

Given the nature of this season what revisions to the programme would be welcome

There was huge support for extending the season and reformatted Tuesday racing for the keelboat and cruiser fleets.   Support for running two races on Saturdays was less clear cut, but maybe considered based on the season start date.   The white sails option to reduce crew numbers was popular. This and other options need further consideration along with dialogue with the class captains. There was near unanimous support for adapting the race formats given the new constraints that we will be operating under.  

Interrupting the comments is more complex.  While many people identified themselves, the survey remains anonymous.  All feedback, which was overwhelmingly positive, was considered.

We absolutely recognise there is a concern about personal safety and we will only run racing when the government, and Irish Sailing have given their approval and the waterfront clubs are ready to support this activity in a safe and responsible manner.  Moreover rest assured that DBSC will prioritise the safety of all the volunteers who make our racing possible.  We acknowledge we may have a reduced number of entries this year as unfortunately it will not be possible for all members of our club and community to race this summer.  

In summary there is a very clear appetite to go racing.