DBSC Coronavirus (Third Update)

Irish Sailing published a statement on the 28th of May which can be found here.  While there is still a lack of clarity, with the government’s expert group stating that updates will be provided on a  “phase by phase basis as the public health situation evolves over time”, the committee is finalising plans to get racing going as soon as practical after the restrictions have been lifted by the government and Irish Sailing.  The current working assumption is racing will re-commence in phase 4, which is currently scheduled for the 20th of July.

Many thanks to Dun Laoghaire Marina for storing the larger outer guard marks over the Winter period and their flexibility during the lockdown.   This support from them and our other supporters is essential and is greatly appreciated.  

Some DBSC fixed marks will be deployed over the next few days  specifically the larger outer guard marks and seven conical marks.  These marks have been selected by the club’s sailing committee to optimise the balance between flexibility for racing and the cost of deployment.  There are a number of factors that have influenced the decision to put the marks on station at this time, including but not limited to the availability of an appropriate vessel, storage requirements, and a need to meet the conditions laid out in a Notice to Mariners. So, when the go-ahead for racing is given, the marks will already be in place

Many thanks to all of you who have entered to date, we urge those who have yet to enter to do so immediately through the online form here. It is a considerable administrative task to process the entries, membership details, and handicaps, so timely entry is essential. In addition, the Club badly needs your support at this difficult time. Almost all of the club’s revenue comes from entry and membership fees, we anticipate that the curtailed season will result in a substantial loss this year, which will eat into our reserves.  Nevertheless, the committee is considering offering a rebate on the entry fees and a mechanism to facilitate this. Any rebate of entry fees can only be calculated when there is a clear view of the Club’s results for the season.  While a large component of the club’s costs is fixed, the committee has moved very quickly to reduce outgoings where possible and have halted any new spending. 

Again rest assured that DBSC will be ready to provide racing when it is appropriate to do so.