Sailing update.

Dear Members

The condensed racing schedule is now under way, however with first Tuesday a wash out and first Thursday little or no wind, we hope for better things this coming Saturday 11th July.

These three days for Keelboats were “Shake Down” days, giving our committee vessels and crews a chance to test our systems, and for all keelboats to check on gear, crew etc.

Dinghies got off to a flying start last week with upward of 80 boats taking part in close racing within the harbour. Keelboat entries are encouraging, and the fleets are growing rapidly.

Starting next Tuesday July 14th, we will be back to more serious racing. However, despite recognising Tuesdays have been traditionally “crews” nights, this year all keelboats can avail of Tuesday racing, which will be a separate series from the Thursday and Saturday programmes as before. The format will be the same as Thursdays. With restrictions on social distancing, the committee felt that using the West pier hut would not be appropriate, so racing is from a Committee vessel instead.

Please check this website under “Racing” for the Schedule until season’s end.

Please check also, and download the course cards 1,2,3 or 4 as appropriate for your class, under “Documents”.

The Year Book will be out soon, in digital format. Changes have had to be made from the drafts worked up in February before the Covid-19 Pandemic hit us.

We hope to see you on the water soon!