2021 Prizewinners

Premier Awards      
Dun Laoghaire Harbour Trophy Most successful new yacht in DBSC racing Ted M.O’Connor, D.Taylor & E. Cook
Dr. Alf Delaney Cup Most successful DINGHY for the season Laser  Class David Cahill
Waterhouse Shield Most successful yacht in Handicapped series Windjammer L.J.Casey & D. Power
George Arthur Newsom Cup Most successful yacht in  One Design racing Mariposa Cathy McAleavey & Family
Brendan Ebril Memorial Cup Most sucessful yacht frequently participated Jalapeno Paul Barrington
The Viking Award Notable conribution to Dublin Bay Sailing The DBSC Volunteers The DBSC Volunteers
Cruiser 0      
Martin Cup Thursdays IRC Racing  Rockabill VI P.O’ Higgins
Knox-Gore Bowl Thursdays Echo Racing  Tsunami V. Farrell
Knox-Gore Trophy Saturdays IRC Racing Prima Forte  F Rigley & S.Lemass
Centenary Trophy Saturdays Echo Racing Prima Forte  F Rigley & S.Lemass
Cruiser 1      
West Pier Officer’s Cup Tuesday Echo Racing White Mischief T.N.G. & R.N.Goodbody
Tiamat Trophy Thursdays IRC Racing Something Else John & Brian Hall
Weir Cup Thursdays Echo Racing Bon Exemple Colin Byrne
Osterburg Trophy Saturdays IRC Racing Gringo Anthony Fox
  Saturdays Echo Racing    
Cruiser 2      
Lady Shamrock Trophy Thursdays IRC Racing Windjammer L.J.Casey & D. Power
Centenary Cup Saturdays IRC Racing Ruthless Conor Ronan
Silver Salver Thursdays Echo Racing Windjammer L.J.Casey & D. Power
TP Early Memorial Cup Most Improved Boat Cr 2 Leeuwin Henry Leonard
Silver Foam Trophy Saturdays Echo Racing Ruthless Conor Ronan
JB Stephens Trophy Sigma Racing Scratch Rupert P&R Lovegrove
Rupert Bowl Sigma Racing Scratch Rupert P&R Lovegrove
Cruiser 3      
Whimbrel Rose Bowl Tuesdays ECHO Racing Starlet   6136 Kevin Byrne
Smalldridge Cup Thursdays IRC Racing Starlet   6136 Kevin Byrne
 Annette Cup Saturdays IRC Racing Cartoon   9186 K Lawless & S McCormack
Jack Kennedy Memorial Cup Thursdays ECHO Racing Starlet   6136 Kevin Byrne
Mercia Cup Saturdays ECHO Racing Maranda Myles Kelly
Cruiser 4      
The Trevor Wood Trophy Thursdays & Saturdays IRC Racing Boomerang The Kirwan Family
Cruiser 5      
Burford Trophy Thursdays IRC Overall Div A Playtime   2558 J.Phillips & N.Kidney
Gerry Henry Salver Saturdays A and B IRC overall Just Jasmine Philip Smith. Just Jasmine
Galelleo Cup Thursdays ECHO Overall Div A Fortitudine   1315 David & Ann Clarke
White Sail Class Trophy Saturdays A and B  ECHO  overall Playtime   2558 J.Phillips & N.Kidney
Ana Livia Trophy Thursdays ECHO Overall Div B Just Jasmine Philip Smith
Beneteau B211      
Optec Trophy Tuesday ECHO Overall Billy Whiz   J Fischer & S Bagot
Facet Jewellers Cup Thursdays SCRATCH overall Billy Whiz   J Fischer & S Bagot
Beneteau 21 Tray Thursdays ECHO overall Isolde J.Martin & B.Mulkeen
Beneteau 21 Cup Saturdays SCRATCH overall Small Wonder J.McStay & H Kelly
Jimmy Fischer Trophy Thurs/Sat Combined ECHO Ventuno Rowan Fogarty
Waterhouse Rose Bowl Saturdays ECHO overall Small Wonder J.McStay & H Kelly
Beneteau 31.7      
Feanor Trophy Thursday Racing Scratch After You Too M.Blaney
Horrigan Cup Thursday Racing Echo Bluefin Two M & B Bryson
Arandora Trophy Saturday Racing Echo Prospect Chris Johnston
Long John Silver Cup Saturday Racing Scratch Bluefin Two M & B Bryson
Oxford and Cambridge Cup Thursday Racing Sir Ossis O’the River D & J Bergin & C.Murphy
RIYC Cup Saturday Racing ZinZan T Carpenter & A Masterson
Old Time Cup Combined Thursdays and Saturdays D-cision Joey Mason
Pterodactyl Cup Crews Race Glenluce   67 Ailbe Millerick
Harry Maguire Memorial Cup Ladies Race    Glenluce   67 Ailbe Millerick
The McMullen Cup Thursdays Racing Glenluce   67 Ailbe Millerick
The HamiltonReid Cup Saturday Racing Glenluce   67 Ailbe Millerick
Glen Challenge Trophy Thurs and Sats combined Combined Glendun   9 Robert O’ Connor
Pair of Silver Vases Dalkey Island Race (Bobolink) Glendun   9 Alison O’ Brien
John Donnelly Perpetual Cup Tuesday  Racing Carmen   6043 Enda Brennan
Huet Trophy Thursday Racing Shannagh Stephen Gill & P.Diarmada
British Airways Trophy Saturday Racing Ruffles Michael Cutliffe
J.Lamont Trophy Thursdays and Saturdays combined Ruffles Michael Cutliffe
The Melindi Cup Tuesday Racing    Invader Gerard Glynn
The Shipman Perpetual Trophy Saturday Racing Invader Gerard Glynn
  Thursdays and Saturdays combined    
The Crichton Cup Thursday Racing Ted M.O’Connor, D.Taylor & E. Cook
Bealtaine Trophy Saturdays series A Venuesworld Gerry Dempsey Chris Nolan
Lunasa Rrophy Saturdays series B Carpe Diem C.Galavan & R.Hayes
Equinox Trophy Saturdays series C Bad/Kilcullen Jerry Dowling
Saturday SB20 Cup Saturday Racing overall So Blue J.Burke C.Helme & A.Claffey
Mixed Sportsboats      
Thursday Sportsboat Trophy Thursdays Overall  Jester D.Curtin
Saturday Sportsboat Cup Saturdays Overall  Jambiya M.Ryan & V Lattimore
Water Wags      
Goldsmith Cup Wednesday 1st Place   Mariposa Cathy McAleavey & Family
Bluebird Trophy Wedneday 2nd Place Swift Guy & Jackie Kilroy
G.Pugin Meldon Trophy Wedneday 3rd Place Shindella A & Z Kissane
Flying Fifteens      
Fifty Something Cup Tuesday Racing Perfect 10    Alan Balfe   
Flying Fifteen Gun Thursday Racing Rodriguez Ken Dumpleton
Brian S Ryan Trophy Saturday Racing Ignis Caput 11 David Mulvin & Ronan Beirne
Blake Cup Mid week Handicap racing Hera  Peter Murphy 
Stella Cup Saturday Racing Lively Lady Geraldine O’ Neill & Mick Hanney
Iolar Trophy Thursday Racing(Special Conditions) Jill   Paul Smith& Pat Mangan
Amy Cup Thursday  Racing Jill   Paul Smith& Pat Mangan
J B Kearney Shield Saturday Racing (Special Conditions) Aidean Dan Brennan & Brendan Martin
Minx Trophy Thursdays  Allsorts Tony Mullett
Shannon Cup Saturdays  Periquin Noel Colclough
Dublin Bay 21s      
Daisey Picker Cup Tuesdays Estelle   DB21 Class Association
Nuit St. George Trophy Tuesdays 15016 Louise McKenna
The Fireball Saturday Cup Saturdays 14865 O.Sinnott & G.Donnelly
Bay Cup Tuesdays Overall Slipway Julie Ascoop
The Kennedy Cup Saturdays overall       Dart P.Long & J.Parker
The Halfway Trophy Special Conditions Dunmoaning Frank Hamilton
Crews challenge Cup Special Conditions Dart Yves & Paul Long
Melampus Cup Special Conditions Doody Jennifer Byrne & John Fitzgerald
PY Class      
Windmill Cup Tuesday Racing 3289 Noel Butler
Early Bird Trophy  Saturday Racing  1321 Brendan Foley
Laser Standard Tuesday Racing    
Lanavere Cup   201829 C. Arrowsmith
Laser Radial Tuesday Racing    
Sailcraft Tray Trophy Tuesdays and Saturdays combined 186302 D.Cahill
DBSC Challenge Trophy Saturday Racing 186302 D.Cahill
Junior September Series      
PY Junior Trophy PY Series  1111 Jammie Hammond
Lawson Cup Topper Series  46366 James Hall
Seapoint Cup Optimist Series  1594 Abigail Murphy
Mitchel Cup RS Feva Series  5241 R Blake-Hickey & H Meagher
Jimmy Mooney Goblet Laser 4.7 Series  208735 Matteo Ciaglia