Attention Members: Amendment No 2

May we draw your attention to the following amendment no 2 in the Sailing Instructions
which now reads

‘To extend the bowsprit a boat shall be in the process of either a continuous hoist, flying or a continuous retrieval of the gennaker. At all other times, the bowsprit shall be retracted. In addition if approaching a windward mark without the spinnaker/ gennaker set, the bowsprit shall not be extended until the bow of the boat passes to windward of the mark. For the purposes of this rule, a mark is a windward mark when the direct course from the previous mark (or the start line if there is no previous mark) is less than 90 degrees from the direction of the wind.’

Sailing Instructions A – General Sailing Instructions under Section A 17 Retractable Bow Sprits

Sailing Instructions B – Red and Blue Fleets Committee Boat Starts under Section B B7 Retractable Bow Sprits

Sailing Instructions C – Green Fleet Saturday Racing under Section C8 Retractable Bow Sprits

Files can be downloaded here and are also available under the tab ‘Racing Documents’