DBSC Race Training As It Happened

With our third DBSC Race Training Day just completed many sailors and crew have participated in crew training and training of our race management teams.

We have had no more than fifteen boats per start in accordance with Irish Sailing’s guidelines so thanks to our members for their diligence and to our Race Officers, Race Management teams, Patrol crews for overseeing and implementing this rule.

To give our members an impression of the numbers participating so far, here is a breakdown of the fleets:

116 boats turned out across 21 classes for race training on the bay on Saturday with light easterly winds

Race Officer Barry MacNeaney on MacLir was in charge of the Blue and Red Fleet of 45 boats. 
This included:
Cruisers 0 1, Cruisers 1 9, Beneteau 31.7 9, Cruiser 2 6, Cruiser 3 5, Cruiser 4 & cruiser 5 9, Shipman & Glen 6

Race Officer Barry O’Neill on Freebird was in charge of the Green fleet with 47 boat.
This included:
SB20 7, Flying Fifteen 15, Sportsboat & Dragon 5, Ruffian 7, B211 9, Squibs & Mermaids 4

Dinghies: Race Officer Barbara Conway on the Spirit of the Irish Committee Boat was in charge of 24 boats.
This included:
PY 8, Laser 16 over two starts

There was a strong turnout for training also last week as follows: 

Tues dinghies: Race Officer Suzanne McGarry on Freebird – approx 24 over 3 starts, mostly Lasers

Wed Wags: Race Officer Harry Gallagher on MacLir was in charge of 15 boats

Thursday Blue Fleet: Race Officer Ed Totterdell on MacLir in charge of 38 boats.
This included
Cruiser 0 2, Cruiser 1 7, Beneteau 31.7 9, Cruiser 2 3, Cruiser 3 9, Cruiser 4 & Cruiser 5 8

Thursday Red Fleet: Race Officer Brian Mathews on Freebird was in charge of 44 boats.
This included:
SB20 4, Sportsboats & Dragon 4, Flying Fifteen 15, Ruffian 7, Shipmans 5, B211 6, Squibs & Mermaids 3, no Glens

We have a full week of training before the official AIB DBSC Racing season starts where we will be welcoming back our training participants along with the rest of our members who will start again with us after the 7th June.

We wish everyone a great week of training in their classes. We will be bringing you an update on our Sailing Instructions before the 7th June here on our website as news, so please keep an eye out.