Tuesday Combined Blue and Red Fleets


Ref. Course Card 2 Race Times: Tuesday Combined Blue and Red Fleets only

Please note the DBSC Sailing Committee has decided to reinstate the West Pier Hut as and from Tuesday 13th July. All fleets previously starting from McLir on Tuesdays will now start instead from the West Pier Hut.

Please note new First Warning Signal is 18.50.

                  Tuesday Combined Blue and Red Fleets.. Amended 9/7/2021 
 West Pier Hut  VHF Ch. 74FlagWarning Signal
Group 1Cruisers 0, I, 2, 4,5 and 31.7Numeral 118.50
Group 2Cruisers 3, Ruffians and B211sNumeral 218.55
Group 3Sportsboats, SB20, Dragons and Flying FifteensNumeral 319.00
Group 4Shipmans, Glens, and Dublin Bay 21sNumeral 419.05
  • This amendment Number 7 is also available under the tab “Racing Documents’ and “Sailing Instruction Amendments”.
  • New Course Card 1 “Tuesday West Pier Starts” is downloadable below
  • Rule B3:  Platonic Courses may be used where appropriate.

Flag L will be flown from the Clubs Flag mast to signify this amendment number 7

Chris Moore
Honorary Secretary