DBSC 30 Years and under Special Discount

DBSC want to promote younger Keelboat sailing teams, in order to do this, we are giving a discount of 25% off the normal entry fee

Teams consisting entirely of sailors who are 30 or under on the 1st of April 2023 can enter and will receive a 25% discount on normal fees.

All AIB DBSC Green Fleet, Blue Fleet and Red Fleet entries are included in this initiative. 

Commodore Ed Totterdell feels that this will appeal particularly to classes like the SB20s, and Sportboat class but also knows of some interest in other keelboat classes.

We have formed a special sub-committee of younger sailors to look at ways to make this season exciting and fun for members aged 30 and under. They are planning some great events for the 2023 season.

It would be great to see a big turnout of young keelboat sailors, so get your team together and enjoy the craic and competition for 2023!