AIB DBSC Prize Winners 2022

DBSC Prize giving 2022       
The Junior September Series Awards      
The Lawson Cup for the Topper Series Ben Doherty NYC    
The Seapoint Cup for the Optimist Series Aurele Dion NYC    
The Mitchel Cup for the RS Feva Series Lorcan Golden & Tom Boret R St G YC    
 The Jimmy Mooney Goblet for the Laser 4.7 Series Krzysztof Ciborowski R St G YC    
The Junior Trophy for the Laser Radial Series Brian Carroll R St G YC    
Premier Awards 2022      
The Dun Laoghaire Harbour Trophy       
For the best ‘New’ boat entered into DBSC racing Dublin Bay 21 Fleet.    
The George Arthur Newsome Cup      
For the most successful boat in one design Prospect, Chris Johnston Beneteau 31.7    
The Waterhouse Shield      
For the most successful boat in Handicap Series White Mischief, Tim & Richard Goodbody, J109 class    
The Dr Alf Delaney Memorial Cup      
For the most successful Dinghy of the season DART, The Long Family, IDRA class    
The Brendan Ebril Memorial Cup      
For the boat that turns up regularly & has not won another cup Levante Beneteau 31.7, John Power Michael Leahy    
The Viking Award (Ida Kiernan) Represented by Gerard Kiernan    
Cruisers 0 TROPHY Boat Name
Thur IRC series A , Thurs Overall The Martin Cup Rockabill Paul O Higgins
Thur IRC series B & ECHO Overall, Sat IRC, Series A,B & Overall, Knox Gore Bowl, Knox Gore Cup Prima Forte Patrick Burke, Sean Lemass
Sat ECHO series B & Overall The Centenary Trophy   Fergus Rigley
Thursdays ECHO series A   Lively Lady Keith & Rodney Martin
Thursdays Echo series B   El Pocko Jonathan Nicholson
Cruisers 1      
Thurs IRC series A, B & Overall  Saturdays IRC ser A, B Overall West Pier Cup,The Weir Cup White Mischief Tim & Richard Goodbody
J 109 Thursdays & Saturdays overall The Goodbody Cup White Mischief Tim & Richard Goodbody
Thursdays ECHO series B & Overall The Tiamat Trophy Something Else John & Brian Hall
Saturdays ECHO series B & Overall The Osterberg Trophy Jalapeno Paul Barrington & Barry O Sullivan
Thursdays ECHO Series A   Gringo Tony Fox
Saturdays ECHO Series A   Ruth The Shanahan Family
Cruisers 2      
Thursdays IRC, series B & Overall The Lady Shamrock Trophy Windjammer Lindsay Casey
Thursdays ECHO Overall The Centenary Cup Peridot Jim Mc Cann, Yannick Cherrier,
Saturdays IRC& ECHO series A,B & Overall provisional The Silver Salver, & TP Early Memorial Cup   Paul Cadden, Hugh O Donnell
Thursdays IRC & ECHO series A   Black Velvet Lesley Parnell
Thursdays ECHO series B   Antix Derek Ryan
Cruisers 2 Sigma, Thursdays & Saturdays. Saturdays IRC JB Stephens Trophy and The Rupert Bowl Rupert Richard & Philip Lovegrove
Cruisers 3      
Tuesday series The Whimbrel Trophy Papytoo Eavan Maher & Frank Guilfoyle
Thursdays IRC Ser A & B & Overall, ECHO Ser B & Overall The Smalldridge Cup, The Annette Cup Starlet Kevin Byrne
Saturdays IRC Ser A & B & Overall The Jack Kennedy Memorial Cup    
Saturdays ECHO, series A, B & Overall The Mercia Cup Saki Michael & Ben Ryan
Thursdays ECHO, series A   Grasshopper John & Kevin Glynn
Beneteau 21.1      
Tuesday ECHO, Thurs IRC ser A & ECHO ser A & Overall The Optec Trophy & The Beneteau 21.1 Tray Isolde Brian Mulkeen
Thurs one design Sat one design, Thurs & Sat combined Facet Jewellers Cup, The Beneteau 21.1 Cup Billy Whizz Jimmy Fischer & Stafford Bagot
  The Waterhouse Rose Bowl    
Saturday ECHO Overall The Jimmy Fischer Cup Beeswing Pat Shannon
Thursdays ECHO series B   Chinook Andrew Bradley
Saturdays ECHO series A   Betty B Michael Shiell
Saturdays ECHO series B   Small Wonder J. Mc Stay & Hugh Kelly
Cruisers 5 a/b      
Thurs IRC ser A, B & Overall,  Sat IRC ser A & Overall The Burford Trophy & The White Sail Class Trophy Playtime Johnnie Phillips & Noel Kidney
Thurs ECHO series A & Overall The Peggy Bawn Half Model Shearwater Eamonn Doyle & Peter O Toole
Saturdays ECHO series B & Overall  The Heineken Super League Cup Act Two Michael O Leary Tom Roche David Andrews
Thursdays ECHO div B series B & Overall The Galileo Cup Menapia James McSweeney & Patrick Madigan
Thursdays ECHO div B series  A   Great Escape Pat Rigney
Thursdays ECHO div A series B   Aurora Ray Conway
Saturdays ECHO  div A series A   Calypso Howard Knott
Saturdays IRC div A series B   Persistance Charles Broadhead
Cruisers 4/5      
Thursdays IRC Series A,B & Overall The Trevor Wood Trophy Boomerang The Kirwan family
Beneteau 31.7      
Thursdays IRC Overall,Saturdays IRC ser A, B & Overall The Feanor Trophy & The Arandora Trophy Prospect Chris Johnston
Thursday ECHO ser A, B & Overall. Sat ECHO serA & Overall The Horrigan Cup, The Long John Silver Trophy Fiddly Bits PJ Timmins,  Dermot Breen,
      Gerry Murray & Michael Walsh
Thursdays IRC series B   After You Too Michael Blaney
Thursdays IRC series A    Levante John Power Michael Leahy
Saturdays ECHO series B   Kernach Eoin O Driscoll
Thursdays series A, B & Overall,  Saturdays Series B Oxford & Cambridge Cup & The Old Time Cup Phantom Peter Bowring, David Williams
Thursdays & Saturdays combined      
Saturdays Series A & Overall The Royal Irish Yacht Club Cup Serafina Ronan Murphy & Alistair Kissane
Thursdays series A & Overall The Midweek Trophy Currglas John & Neill Masterson
Saturdays series B & Overall The Melindi Cup Invader Gerry Glynn
Thursdays series B & Thursdays & Saturdays Overall  The Shipman Perpetual Truphy Viking Fergus Mason & Colm Duggan
Saturdays series A   JoSlim John Clarke & BJ Maher
Tuesdays   Gusto Christine Heath
Dublin Bay 21      
Tuesdays The Daisy Picker Cup Garavogue DB 21 Class Association
Saturdays Overall The Carson Challenge Cup Naneen DB 21 Class Association
most success in 80% of races The Inisfallon Cup Estelle DB 21 Class Association
Thursdays, Thurs & Sats & The Crews Race Pterodactyl Cup,Mc Millan Cup 7 Mitchell Trophy Glenluce Ailbe Milerick (Nicky Scofield NZ)
Saturdays, series A, B & Overall The Harry Maguire Memorial Cup Glendun David Houlton, Alison O BrienStephen Flood
Special The Dalkey Island Race ( Bobolink) The Hamilton Reid Cup Glencoe Rose Mary Craig, Patrick Sheehan
Ladies Race The Pair of Silver Vases   Rose Mary Craig
Best Tuesday Boat The John Donnelly Cup Ruff Diamond Damien Byrne, Sailing in Dublin club
Thursdays series A & Overall Saturdays series B The Huet Trophy Bandit Ann Kirwan, Brian Cullen & Ciara Brown
Thursdays & Saturdays combined J. Lamont Brown Trophy    
Saturdays series A & Overall The British Airways Trophy Ruffles Michael Cutliffe
Thursdays series B   Shannagh Stephen Gill & Padraig Mac Diarmada
SB 20      
Thursdays series A & Overall The Crichton Cup Venues World Ger Dempsey
Thursday series B & Saturdays Overall The Saturday SB20 Cup Carpe Deim Colin Galavan & Richard Hayes
Special fleet award Saturdays The Bealtaine Trophy Seabiscuit Barry Galvin & Niall O Riordan
Special fleet award Saturdays The Lunasa Trophy Black James Gorman
Thursdays series A , B & Overall The Thursday Sportsboat Trophy Jester Declan Curtin
Saturdays series A, B & Overall The Saturday Sportsboat Trophy Jambiya Martin Ryan Vincent Lattimore
Tuesdays   George 7 Jonathan Craig
Flying Fifteens      
Tuesdays The Fifty Something Cup Flyer Niall & Laura Coleman
Thursdays Series A, B & Overall The Flying Fifteen Gun Fuzzy Neil Colin & Margaret Casey
Saturdays series A, B & Overall The Bryan S Ryan Trophy FOMO Dave Gorman
Special fleet Midweek Cup The Blake Cup Enfant de Marie (Ben Mulligan) & Cormac Bradley
Water Wags      
First Place The Goldsmith Cup Swift Guy & Jackie Kilroy
Second Place  The Bluebird Trophy Mariposa Cathy Mc Aleavey & family
Third Place The G Pugin Meldon Trophy Tortoise William & Linda Prentice
Thursdays series A,B & Overall. Saturdays series A, B & Overall The Amy Cup & The Iolar Trophy Jill Paul Smith & Pat Mangan
Special Fleet award  The Stella Cup Lively Lady Geraldine O Neill & Mick Hanney
Special Fleet award  JB Kearney Shield Aideen Dan Brennan & Brendan Martin
Thursdays series A,B & Overall The Minx Trophy Sidewinder Rupert Bowen & Rupert Westrup
Saturdays series A, B & Overall The Shannon Cup Allsorts Tony Mullett
Laser Standard      
Tuesdays series A & Overall The Lanavere Cup Buster Gary O Hare
Tuesdays series B & C   Sidewinder  
Laser Radial      
Tues seriea A,B,C & Overall. Sats series B & Overall  Sailcraft Tray, Laser Saturday  Djinn Michael Norman
  DBSC Challenge Trophy    
Saturdays series A   no name Judy O Beirne
Tues series A & Overall Saturdays series A Nuits St George Trophy Elevation Neil Colin & Marjo Moonen
Saturdays series B & Overall The Fireball Saturday Cup Pink Fire Louise McKenna
Tuesdays series B   No Name Owen Sinnott
Tuesdays series C   Probably Frank Miller
Tues series B & Overall Saturdaye series A, B & Overall The Bay Cup & The Kennedy Cup Dart The Long family
Tuesdays series A & C   Dunmoanin    F rank Hamilton
Special  The Crews Challenge & The Melapus Cup Dunmoanin   Ch ris Corrigan &  Frank Hamilton
Special  The Halfway Trophy Sapphire Lorcan O Sullivan & crew
Tuesdays series A,C & Overall The Windmill Cup Orion Noel Butler
Saturdays series A, B & Overall The Early Bird Trophy Tikka Skinny Dwyer
Tuesdays series B   3822 Roy Van Maanen