Notice of Race AIB DBSC Summer Series 2022

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First Scheduled AIB DBSC Race:  Saturday 23th April

Last Scheduled AIB DBSC Race: Saturday 1st October

For full schedule of racing please see Schedule of Racing 2022 here

Weekly Racing Programme

Tuesdays:  Keelboats – From West Pier Hut

Tuesdays:  Dinghies – In the harbour or the bay depending on conditions

Wednesdays: Water Wags – Harbour sailing

Thursdays: Keelboats – Committee Boat starts

Saturdays:  Keelboats – Committee Boat starts and West Pier Hut starts

Saturdays:  Dinghies – In the harbour or the bay depending on conditions.

1 Rules

1.1 All racing will be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS), the prescriptions of Irish Sailing, the rules of each class concerned (except as any of the above are altered by the sailing instruction) there may also be some other changes to the RRS. These will be noted in the Sailing Instructions.   

1.2 Where appropriate, class rules are amended by this NOR to allow the use of VHF radio and GPS.

2. Fleet and Class Divisions

Entrants will be divided into divisions which may not be finalised until the numbers of entries for fleets are known. Divisions will be published on

The composition of divisions will be determined at the sole discretion of the Committee on receipt of the entries, having regard to the following criteria:

(a) The need for a reasonable number of boat entries in each division;

(b) Having as close a spread as possible in the range of handicaps in each division;.

(c) Extra divisions from those used in previous years, with different break-points, may be created.

Conditions of entry

3.1 A boat shall not be eligible to race until a properly completed entry form and entry fee have been accepted by the Hon. Secretary. All communications will be directed to the person first named in the entry form.

3.2 Boats racing in cruiser classes will not be included in the results unless a current ECHO or IRC certificate has been issued by the Irish Sailing Association. – apply at

3.3 A boat in cruiser classes Cr 0*, 1,2,3, 4 and 5 shall not be eligible to race unless (a) she is fitted with lying down bunks for two people and sitting down accommodation for four people, (b) she is capable of racing around the Burford marks in wind force 6 and can cope with wind force 8 conditions, (c) she is a monohulled boat and (d) she conforms to her class rules except where changed in this NOR or in the sailing instructions.

*In order to facilitate the development of a new class It is intended that Cape 31 boats may enter under Cruiser 0 IRC for the 2022 season despite not having bunks or seats below. This will be reviewed yearly, or if needed sooner on the basis of safety and appropriateness of the division in which they sail.

3.4 DBSC recommends that boats entered for DBSC racing should also enrol in their local class association.

3.5 Boats visiting the area to compete in local club events or championship races or making a temporary stop in a waterfront club or marina while on a passage, may enter for DBSC racing for a period of up to 14 days. The current entry fee is €50. This fee must be paid and a visitor’s entry form and declaration (obtainable from the Hon Secretary), be completed before racing.

3.6 After the start of the season, to guarantee entry on the results system late entries must reach the Hon. Secretary seven full days preceding the day the boat concerned intends racing.

4 Disclaimer of Liability

4.1 It shall be the sole responsibility of each boat’s skipper to decide whether or not to start or continue to race: and each owner/helm shall sail or race his/her boat entirely at his/her own risk; and that Dublin Bay Sailing Club Ltd. and its committee, race officers and organisers shall not be liable in the event of any accident or mishap. All Yachts shall be adequately covered by 3rd party liability insurance.

4.2 The committee reserves the right to accept or reject a boat entry on grounds of safety or other such grounds as they deem appropriate.

5  Sailing Instructions

5.1 Sailing Instructions will be available on-line as soon as possible and at least two weeks before the first race.

5.2 Sailing Instructions and amendments will be posted on


6.1 Racing area: The environs of Dublin Bay and Dun Laoghaire Harbour.

7  Courses

6.1 There will be fixed marks, and other laid courses as per course cards and special instructions.

Chris Moore,
Hon. Secretary,