Major Trophies  awarded 2018
Dun Laoghaire Harbour TrophyMost Successful New Yacht in DBSC RacingHot CookieJohn O’ Gorman
The George Arthur Newsom CupMost successful Yacht in one design classesProspectChris Johnston
The Waterhouse ShieldMost successful Yacht in handicapped  classesRupertRichard&Philip Lovegrove
Dr. Alf Delaney Memorial CupMost successful boat racing on dinghy coursesBlind SquirrelFrank Miller
The Brendan Ebril Memorial CupMost successful yacht frequently participated Bluefin 11Michael & Beirne Bryson
The Viking Award AwardFor a notable contribution to DBSC SailingSuzanne McGarry
Cruisers 0
Knox-Gore Bowl Thursday ECHO OverallTsunamiVincentFarrell 
Martin Cup Thursday IRC overallTsunamiVincentFarrell 
Knox-Gore Cup Saturday IRC overallWOWGeorgeSisk 
Centenary Trophy Saturday Echo overallWOWGeorgeSisk 
John Rennie TrophyCoastal RacesWOWGeorgeSisk 
Cruisers 1
West Pier Officers cup Thursday IRC overallBon ExempleColinByrne 
Weir Cup Saturday IRC overallBon ExempleColinByrne 
Cr.1 Royal Alfred CupCoastal RacesDear PrudencePierceTynan & others
Tiamat Trophy Thursday ECHO OverallGringoTonyFox 
Osterberg Cup Saturday Echo overallJump the GunJohn M. Kelly &Michael Monaghan
Cruisers 2
Silver Foam Trophy Most improved boatAntixDerekRyan 
Briscoe Trophy Tuesday Echo overallElandraJoeConway
Fireseal Sigma 33 Trophy Thursdays overall ISigma 33RupertRichard & PhilipLovegrove 
Silver Salver Saturday IRC overallRupertRichard & PhilipLovegrove 
Cr.2 Royal Alfred CupCoastal RacesRupertRichard & PhilipLovegrove 
T.P. Early Cup Saturday Echo overallSpringerIanBowring 
Lady Shamrock Trophy Thursday IRC overallWindjammerLindsay J. Casey &Denis Power
Centenary Cup Thursday ECHO overallWindjammerLindsay J. Casey &Denis Power
Rupert Bowl 1st Saturday SeriesRupertRichard & PhilipLovegrove 
Bective Lights  Crystal Trophy Saturdays overallRupertRichard & PhilipLovegrove 
J.B. Stephens Trophy Thursday Saturday CombinedRupertRichard & PhilipLovegrove 
Cruisers 3
Annette Cup Tuesday OverallMarandaMylesKelly
Mercia Cup Saturday Echo OverallPamafeGeraldCostello 
Viking clock Trophy Thursday Echo OverallRunning WildBrendanFoley
Smalldridge Cup 3(A)Thursday IRC overall Running WildBrendanFoley
Mini- Sam Maguire Cup (3)Coastal RacesRunning WildBrendanFoley
Jack Kennedy Memorial Cup (3)Saturday IRC overallAsterixFrazer MeredithMl.Boushal, J,Counihan
Sanderling Trophy (3B)Thursday IRC overall CacciatoreM. Ni Cheallachan &Ann O’Callaghan
Whimbrel Rose Bowl (3B)Thursday Echo overallMarandaMylesKelly 
Facet Jewellers Cup (95)Thursday Scratch  OverallSmall WonderHugh C KellyJacqueline
GlassesThursday Scratch Series 1Small WonderHugh C KellyJacqueline
Beneteau 21  Cup (94)Saturday Scratch OverallVentunoRowanFogarty
Old Baily BowlCoastal RacesVentunoRowanFogarty
Cruisers 5 
White Sail Class Trophy Saturday IRC overallCevantesPaulConway
Gerry Henry Salver Thursday Echo overallKatie NuaT.Dunne P.Fitzsimons D.Grace, C.McGuinness
Burford Trophy Thursday IRC overallPersistanceC. Broadhead, I. Stuart Gerry Collins
Trevor Wood Trophy Thursday Echo overallAfternoon DelightM.Bennett M. Brennan, JP Mackay
Galileo Cup Thursday IRC overallCevantesPaulConway
Anna Livia Trophy Saturday Echo overallCevantesPaulConway
Royal Alfred Howth TrophyCoastal RacesSea Safari JacquelineSmith
Horrigan Cup Thursday  Overall -EchoCamiraPeterBeamish
Long John Silver Cup Saturday Overall- EchoFiddly BitsP.J. Timmons,B. QuigleyGerry Murray, Dermot Breen
Royal Alfred 31.7 CupCoastal RacesLevanteMichaelLeahy  & John Power
Feanor Trophy Thursday overall One-DesignProspectChrisJohnston
Arandora Trophy Saturday Overall-One DesignProspectChrisJohnston 
Torry Cup Special conditionsHy BrasilPeterO’Reilly 
Oxford & Cambridge Cup Thursday overallPhantomPeter Bowring &David J.H. Williams
Old Time Cup (87)Combined Saturday & ThursdayPhantomPeter Bowring &David J.H. Williams
RIYC Cup (32)Saturdays  OverallSir Ossis  of the RiverDenisBergin 
Pterodactyl CupThursday overallGlendunDavid Houlton, B DenhamAlison OBrien, D Freedman
Glen Challenge Trophy Crews racesGlendunDavidHoulton
Hamilton Reid Dalkey Island RaceGlenluceLucyGrant
The McMullen Cup Sats & Thurs combined + RegattaGlenluceRichardO’Connor
Pair of Silver Vases Ladies RaceGlenluceLucyGrant
Harry Maguire Memorial  Cup Saturday overallGlenluceRichard O’Connor 
Commodore O’Meara TrophyOlympic racesGlenluceRichard O’Connor 
Royal Alfred Glen TrophyCoastal RacesGlenluceRichard O’Connor 
John Donnelly Perpetual Cup Best Tuesday Boat AliasDavid Meeke &Martin McCarthy
British Airways Trophy Saturday OverallBanditAnn Kirwan., Brian Culllen & Ciara Brown.
J.Lamont  Brown Trophy Sat & Thurs overall BanditAnn Kirwan., Brian Culllen & Ciara Brown.
Dr. O’Leary Memorial CupCoastal racesBanditAnn Kirwan., Brian Culllen & Ciara Brown.
Huet Trophy Thursday overallShannaghStephen Gill &Padraig MacDiarmada
The Shipman Perpetual Trophy Special ConditionsBarossaNeil McSherryBrian Geraghty, S Trotter
Royal Alfred Shipman BowlCoastal RacesJOSlimJohn D. Clarke &B.J.Maher
The Malindi Cup Saturdays overallJOSlim John D. Clarke &B.J.Maher
The Midweek Trophy Thursdays overallVikingFergus Mason
Lunasa Trophy Special Conditions (Saturday Series ) Black                                                                      lac kJamesGorman
Bealtaine Trophy Special ConditionsKnow How DoDaraghSheridan
Equinox Trophy Special Conditions-( 3rd series)Sea BiscuitBarry Glavin &Niall O’Riordan
Saturday  SB3 Cup Saturday overallSin BinMichaelO’Connor
Crichton  Trophy Thursday overallvenuesworld.comGerDempsey 
Mixed Sportsboats
Sportsboat Saturday CupSaturday overallJambiyaVincent Lattimore &Martin Ryan 
Thursday Sportsboat CupThursday overallJesterDeclanCurtin 
Water Wags
G.Pugin Melden Trophy Wags Series 2SwiftGuy & JacquiKilroy 
Goldsmith Cup Wednesday OverallSwiftGuy & JacquiKilroy 
Blue Bird Trophy Wags Series 1SwiftGuy & JacquiKilroy 
Flying 15’s
Brian S.Ryan Trophy Saturday overallfFinisterreConor O’Leary &Alistair Court
Flying Fifteen Gun Thursday overallFrequent FlyerChris Doorly& Alan Green
Fifty Something Cup1st Thursday SeriesIgnis CaputDavidMulvin
Blake Cup Special ConditionsPerfect TenAlan Balfe &John Whelan
Iolar Cup Saturday overallAideenBrendan Martin &Dan Brennan
Stella CupSaturday-special conditionsAideenBrendan Martin &Dan Brennan
Amy Cup Tuesday  OverallJillPaul Smith &Patrick Mangan
J.B.Kearney Shield Thursdays: special conditionsTijuanaDavid Stedmond &David Creedon 
Shannon Cup Saturday OverallPeriguinNoelColclough
Minx Trophy Thursday OverallPeriquinNoelColclough
Nuits St.George Trophy Tuesday overallBlind SquirrelFrankMiller 
IDRA 14’s
The Kennedy Cup Saturday OverallDartPierreLong 
Bay Cup Tuesday overallDunmoanin’FrankHamilton 
Half-Way Trophy  Special ConditionsSiabhraDavidLong
Crews Challenge Cup Special ConditionsSiabhraCyrilSagot
Melampus Cup Special conditionsSlipstreamJulieAscoop
The Windmill Cup Tuesday  overallNo.1170EoinMcKeon
Early Bird Trophy1st series Tues, & Sat. combinedNo.814PaulTer Horst
Sailcraft Tray (69)Tuesday overall-2nd placeNo. 212521RossO’Leary 
The Lanaverre TrophyTuesday  overall166313RonanWallace
Junior prizes
PY Junior TrophyPY September Series601PatrickHassett
Seapoint CupOptimist September Series1545TrevorBolger
Mitchell Cup RS Fever September Series1776Peter Williams &Russel Bolger
Lawson Cup Topper September Series47727EoghanTurner
Jimmy Mooney Goblet Laser Radial September Series174731RobertO’Connor