AIB DBSC Turkey Shoot 2021

Sailing Instructions


   The organising authority is Dublin Bay Sailing Club. The event is governed by Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS), prescriptions of ISA, Notice of Race and these Sailing Instructions and any amendments thereto.


     2.1 The safety of a boat and her crew is the sole and inescapable responsibility of the owner or person in charge. Neither these sailing instructions nor any action of the organising authority in any way limits or reduces the complete and unlimited responsibility of the owner or person in charge.

     2.2 Attention is drawn to RRS Part 1.

     2.3 Boat owners and crews shall ensure that they are adequately insured.

     2.4 No responsibility shall be accepted by Dublin Bay Sailing Club or Royal Irish Yacht Club, their servants or agents, for any loss, damage or injury or other claim whatever nature howsoever arising or caused in connection with participation in, or intended participation in, the event.

      2.5 Each competitor shall wear a lifejacket.

      2.6 All boats shall carry an operating VHF radio capable of transmitting and receiving Channel 74.     


     Changes in sailing instructions and/or notices to competitors will be notified by email and may be repeated in the waterfront clubs.


     Signals made ashore will be displayed from DBSC Committee Boat at her berth. 


     The course will be designated by the Race Committee on the morning of racing and repeatedly announced by VHF radio on Channel 74. Failure to receive radio call shall not be grounds for redress. Marks to be used may include for example, The Muglins, Yellow outfall off West Pier, inflatable marks and the starting line mark.


Racing Sunday mornings 7th  November to 19th December 2021 inclusive.

Starts and sequence :-

              First Start   –   Warning Signal          : 10.10 hrs.     Flag “D”

                                       Preparatory Signal    : 10.11 hrs.

                                       One Minute Signal    : 10.14 hrs.

                                       Starting Signal          : 10.15 hrs.

              Second Start –Warning Signal          : 10.15 hrs.     Flag “C”

                                      Preparatory Signal     : 10.16 hrs.

                                      One Minute Signal     : 10.19 hrs.

                                      Starting Signal            : 10.20 hrs.

               Third Start –   Warning Signal          : 10.20 hrs.    Flag “G”

                                       Preparatory Signal     : 10.21 hrs.

                                       One Minute Signal    : 10.24 hrs.

                                       Starting Signal           : 10.25 hrs.

              Fourth Start – Warning Signal            : 10.25 hrs.    Flag “T”

                                      Preparatory Signal      : 10.26 hrs.

                                      One Minute Signal      : 10.29 hrs.

                                      Starting Signal             : 10.30 hrs.

               Fifth Start   –  Warning Signal            : 10.30 hrs.    Flag “O”

                                      Preparatory Signal       : 10.31 hrs.

                                      One Minute Signal       : 10.34 hrs.

                                      Starting Signal              : 10.35 hrs.                                    

Listing of boats for different Starts will be notified by email and will be announced on Channel 74 before racing.

These lists may be reviewed weekly.


Racing will be under Modified ECHO i.e. time on time basis for the whole fleet. Handicaps will be recalculated weekly during the series. Initial handicaps to be decided by the Race Committee. Results of first Sunday will be published in days following the race.

  8. RACING AREA: Dublin Bay.

  9. START

       9.1 As per RRS 26   (5-4-1-Go).

9.2 Start line between main mast of Committee Boat (red/white pole when DBSC Committee Boat is used) and the starting limit mark.     

9.3 Race Committee may place distance marks close to the Committee Boat. Any boat sailing between these marks and the Committee Boat shall be disqualified.

 9.4 A boat shall not start later than 10 minutes after her starting signal.

 9.5 The Committee Boat and starting mark shall not be a mark of the course after starting and before finishing, unless so designated.

 9.6 Boats shall keep clear of the starting line until their Warning Signal.


    A One-Turn penalty shall apply. (Amends RRS 44.1 & 44.2.)


 11.1 The finishing line shall be between the main mast of the Committee Boat and the finishing mark. The location and description of this line will be announced on VHF Channel 74. Failure to receive radio call shall not be grounds for redress. If the course is shortened the finishing line will be between Committee Boat and the nearby mark. Boats shall sail between Committee Boat and the mark from the direction of the previous mark.

 11.2 When the Blue Flag is displayed on the committee vessel boats shall not cross the finishing line unless to finish.


The time limit shall be 12.30 hrs. Time limit may be extended due to postponements and the new time limit may be announced by VHF radio.


A boat reported by a Harbour Master for interference with commercial shipping in Dublin Bay will be disqualified without a hearing.(Amends RRS 63.1). Such a disqualification will be notified to the boat in the race results.


 To extend the bowsprit a boat shall be in the process of either a continuous hoist, flying or a continuous retrieval of the spinnaker/gennaker. At all other times, the bowsprit shall be retracted. When approaching a weather mark without the spinnaker/gennaker set, the bowsprit shall not be extended until the bow of the boat passes to windward of the mark. For the purposes of this rule, a mark is a windward mark when the direct course from the previous mark (or the start line if there is no previous mark) is less than 90 degrees from the direction of the wind.


  14.1 Protests shall conform to the requirements of RRS Part 5, Section A and shall be written on ISA protest forms. (Amends RRS 61.2.)

 14.2 Protesting boats shall inform Committee Vessel before leaving the race area.

 14.3 Protests shall be lodged with Chris Moore, 49 Bellevue Rd.,Glenageary, Co.Dublin within 48 hours of the start of the race.,

  14.4 Any boats protesting shall not be eligible for prizes except in a case where damage has occurred.


 15.1 The Low Point Scoring system shall be used in accordance with RRS Appendix A. 1 discard if 5 or more races sailed. If less than 5 races are sailed then 1 discard will apply after 4 races. (Amends RRS Appendix A)     

 15.2 RRS 35 will apply.

  15.3 Results calculated on basis of one fleet.


 16.1 Competitors shall keep clear of all commercial shipping.

 16.2 Competitors entering or leaving Dun Laoghaire Harbour shall not interfere with any racing taking place in the Harbour.

16.3 Prohibited Area – Dublin Port Channel. All boats are prohibited from entering the area bordered by Poolbeg Light, nav. buoys 6, 4, Dublin Bay Buoy, nav. buoys 1, 3, 5 and the North Bull Light.


  Any boat having retired shall inform the Committee Boat on Ch.74.


We would request that all boats, and especially our more “experienced” sailors, would give plenty of room to other boats in all situations but particularly at mark roundings. This is intended to keep the event enjoyable for everybody.

Also, we would earnestly request that boats do not race with their anchor carried on it’s bow position.

Please download a copy of the sailing instructions here