Spring Sailing

A series of SIX races to be held on Sunday mornings organised by Dublin Bay Sailing Club. Entry fee is €60.00 – including temporary membership of D.B.S.C. and National Y.C. Entries are accepted at the sole discretion of the Race Committee. It is the responsibility of each skipper to decide whether he or she should sail or not, in such weather conditions as may prevail. Competitors are reminded that they sail entirely at their own risk. In addition, EACH COMPETITOR SHALL WEAR A LIFE JACKET and be aware of the ISA Safety Guidelines and its recommendations. All boats shall have adequate valid insurance. Contact details must be completed below.

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  • I agree to be bound by the RRS, the prescriptions of the ISA, Notice of Race, the Sailing Instructions (and any amendments thereto). I declare that my boat is suitable for racing in winter conditions and that it shall be manned by a competent skipper and crew during each race. I acknowledge that I enter at my own risk and that Dublin Bay Sailing Club, National Yacht Club, their servants or agents, shall not be liable for any loss, damage to boats and equipment, or death or personal injury, howsoever caused to the skipper, owner, crew or other competitors. I am aware of the recommendations of the ISA Safety Guidelines.
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