Amendment End of Season Race (Dinghies) 28th September 2019

Up to 4 races will be held,  Starting sequence will be as follows Class Flag Warning Signal PY / IDRA / Fireball Flag F 14:00 Laser Std / 4.7   Laser Std / 4.7 14:03 Laser Radial      Laser Radial    14:06 Please note DBSC members should  register with RstGYC but will not be required to Pay to enter these races. Note: There are further races in the harbour […]

Amendment DBSC Coastal Races Saturday 11th May and 7th September

Coastal Race will be run for all Red and Blue fleet boats  Starts and finishes will be at Committee Vessel McLir. This amends Blue and Red fleet schedules for these dates. Please note, on the 11thMay the Red Bull diving competitions will be taking place in the Harbour near the East Pier and the National Yacht Club, as per Notice to Mariners (Harbour) No. 6. […]