AIB DBSC Membership Renewal and Boat Entry Form 2024

Welcome to the AIB DBSC 2024 Summer Sailing Season

Notice of Race Summer Series 2024

All Membership Renewals and Boat entry fees are accepted online subject to verification by DBSC.

Please click on the relevant form below

DBSC Membership Renewal and Boat Entry Form

DBSC Individual and Over 70s Membership Form

Temporary Membership and Boat Entry Form

(The temporary Membership and Boat Entry Form is only to be used by a visiting yacht or skipper who is entering DBSC for a period of two weeks only.  Please use the Membership and Boat Entry Form above if you are entering DBSC for the summer racing season). 

Tips and advice on completing the online entry form

Most entries submitted online are successful with only a small percentage of online transactions failing to complete.  Our payment platform is Stripe.  Stripe carries out the requisite checks on all cards.  Stripe will reject:

  • Incomplete or incorrect numbers entered including CVV numbers
  • Ensures debit/credit cards are in date
  • Allows for the bank verification process where applicable. 

Any card issues are not the fault of DBSC so please check with your bank or simply try again – sometimes WIFI can even be the issue!


Please see Membership and Boat Entry fees below. 

Entries received after 20.00hrs on 19th March will be charged a Late Entry Fee as follows:

Blue Fleet €75
Red and Green Fleet €50
Dinghy Fleet €25

We encourage our Members to enter as soon as possible as this enables us to plan our racing schedule and fleets more effectively. Members who enter on time give us the opportunity to communicate to our Members in advance concerning the 2023 sailing season.

Please include all crew details on your form.

  • Don’t forget you can add extra crew members, over and above the allotted crew number, for an additional €20 on the entry form. This will ensure all your crew panel will receive updates and amendments by email
  • If you wish to join DBSC whether as an Individual Sailing, a Non-Sailing Member or an over 70s Non-Sailing Member please use the relevant form above.

We wish you a great 2024 sailing season!

2024 Fees

  Class    Crew Allocation  2024 Fee
  Individual Sailing or Non-Sailing Member  1  €87.50
  Over 70s Non-Sailing Member  1  €85
  Cruisers 0  9  €1,445
  Cape 31  7  €1,225
  Cruisers 1  8  €1,300
  Cruisers 2  6  €1,015
  Cruisers 3  5  €865
  Cruisers 4 Non-Spinnaker  5  €865
  Cruisers 5  5  €865
  Beneteau 31.7  6  €1,015
  Beneteau 211  4  €715
  Shipman  5  €850
  Dragon  3  €670
  Dublin Bay 21s  4  €640
  Ruffian 23  3  €850
  SB20  3  €670
  Mixed Sports Boat  3  €840
  Flying 15  4  €485
  Glen  2  €550
  Squib  2  €485
  Mermaid  2  €570
  Water Wag  2  €370
  Fireball  2  €425
  IDRA 14s  2  €425
  PY Single Handed  2  €350
  PY Single Handed 16<25 Years Old  3  €275
  Double Handed PY  2  €425
  Double Handed PY 16<25 Years Old  2  €350
  Melges 15  2  €425
  Melges 15 16<25 Years Old  2  €350
  Lasers  1  €350
  Lasers 16<25 Years Old  1  €275